Sub title: Genuine leather wallet, a great choice to keep your money


  • Brand: D-Hides
  • Stylish hipster wallet
  • Gender: Men
  • Style: Wallet
  • Colour: Beige
  • Dimensions: 11x9cms; Full length 22cms in open position (two folds)
  • Material: Pure CowAmerican leather
  • Compartments: Two main compartments with multiple credit card pockets that open in upward flap
  • Product Code: DGW-510

Product Details:
D-Hides is a brand with specialization in latest leather fashion & trends. To meet the growing craze for trendy & voguish leather fashion, the company has the right collection to woo today's fashion addicted mass.

Aspiring to be amongst the frontrunner in the leather industry, the company has put tremendous effort & expertise in each of the individual creations. The brand stands out from the competition with excellent craftsmanship, quality, originality, style and flair.

The company prides itself with its constant endeavors to catch the changing flavor of the shoppers and come out every time with refreshing & fabulous creations one can relate to. In the coming years, D-Hides will continue to enthrall all with its panache & stylish creations. And that is a fashionable promise we would always love to fulfill.